Ashaya Yoga®​​ - Teacher Training Testimonials

"I have been practicing yoga for as long as I can remember, but I practiced various styles and was seeking my yoga “home”. I walked into an Ashaya yoga class a couple of years ago and the combination of mind, body, and heart spoke to me and I knew I had to delve deeper. I decided to fulfill my longtime dream of becoming a yoga teacher, even with two young children at home. The 200-HR Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training was one of the most powerful and transformational experiences of my life. The devoted teachers and assistants created a fun and caring atmosphere where I felt safe to explore and grow as an aspiring teacher.  


In the beginning, I wasn’t even sure how I could muster the confidence to teach in front of my peers, let alone people I didn’t know! However, the training was expertly designed so that with each practice teach, I became more and more comfortable with the method, my own abilities and the desire to share my voice with others. Embracing both the light and dark parts of myself has allowed me to share my own authentic voice as a teacher and build the confidence to make a difference in the lives of others. Learning the philosophy, stories and technical aspects of Ashaya yoga enhanced my own practice tremendously, and also allowed me to begin teaching when the program was finished. I feel like I learned the necessary skills to keep my students safe while creating classes that are enjoyable and challenging.


It was humbling to learn from such a wonderful group of teachers and assistants with many years of combined experience. I feel like I’ve transformed on so many levels and I’m grateful to have been a part of this training." 

~ Danielle 

"Having the chance to do the Ashaya Yoga 200-HR Teacher Training again has been so very helpful in bringing what was a powerful first time even deeper and richer. Doing the training with Silver after the first time with Todd has allowed me to hear the message from a different voice. This has brought me new insight and understanding. Thank you Silver and your supportive team."

~ David 


"As a retired educator, I spent a large percentage of my life in a classroom as a student, as well as a teacher. Therefore, I decided to undertake the Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training with my goals being that of a personal challenge and a desire to further my studies of yoga philosophies. Since my love of teaching is closely tied to my love of learning, my experience turned out to be way beyond my expectations. I feel that upon completion of the YTT, I benefited mentally, physically, and spiritually in numerous ways. I now understand the philosophies of Tantra and how it relates to the asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and meditations techniques, all of which are such an integral part of the Ashaya yoga practice. “Abode of the Heart” is a perfect name for this style of yoga – it can absolutely bring one back to the heart, where our Joy resides.

This experience is truly powerful and transformational!"

~Kathy R.

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