Ashaya Yoga® Teacher Testimonial  ~ Suzy~



Hello everyone my name is Suzy.  I graduated the Ashaya teacher training here at Kula this June and I would like to share my experience with you.  I started practicing yoga about 4 years ago at Kula and over these years my love for yoga grew.  Last year I started to feel like I needed to deepen my practice.  I thought that maybe I needed more challenging poses or harder classes.  When I shared my feelings with Silver she suggested the Ashaya teacher training that was being offered that fall.  Honestly that was the last thing I ever wanted to do; I never thought of myself as a teacher or that I could ever learn how to teach.  Silver explained that yoga teacher training was not just about teaching but about deepening your own practice.  I was pretty skeptical about that and after a few months of going back and forth about it and a little loving push from Silver I signed up.  I can truly say that it was one of the best decisions. 


My journey took 9 months but my transformation will last a lifetime.  I learned poses, alignment, sequencing, meditation, philosophy and so much more.  But the true teachings went much deeper than that, I learned about courage, compassion, self-acceptance, and having a deeper connection with myself and others.  I felt so supported, safe and uplifted by my teachers and fellow trainees and met many amazing people.  The work was challenging but I realized that anything that is important and anything that changes you from the inside takes effort.  Today I do teach yoga but I also know that I am a student for life because every day I continue to learn, grow and evolve.  The passion, love, and knowledge that Todd Norian, the founder of Ashaya yoga has put into this method shines through and has helped me to transform my body, mind and heart. If you want to teach or just want to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga then I encourage you to take the first step of a beautiful, transformative journey through Ashaya Yoga. 


Namaste, Suzy

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